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Waris Shah

A few km beyond Hiran Minar is the historical town of Jandiala Sher Khan, birthplace of most loved poet Waris Shah, the author of the most sung Punjabi classic “Heer”.

Waris Shah’s Heer is not only a legendary romantic story but also a masterpiece in Punjabi literature. It is full of words of wisdom based on human psyche, cultural milieu and different aspects of life and relations. Different Quranic verses and references also used in it to collaborate religion and ethics in life.


Mausoleum of Waris Shah in Jandiala Sher Khan attracts thousands of his devotees to celebrate annual festival and Urs of the great Sufi poet with full solemnity and devotion every year. Adjacent to this shrine there is a tank whose water is considered sacred by some classes of the people. Besides the mausoleum of the poet, there are a few historical buildings worth seeing in the town.

Heer Waris Shah            Singer: Iqbal Bahu                 Kalam: Waris Shah

Verses 437

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